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Hiring an Executive Search Team

WHEN HIRING AN EXECUTIVE SEARCH TEAM   there are some very important considerations  "Crucial " to ensure a successful recruitment of the "Ideal" candidate. Not all Executive Search firms are alike.  The following is a list of  important considerations and common misconceptions when hiring an executive search team.                               

It is a common misconception that all Executive Search firms delve deep to find the ideal candidate. Many search firms will "scratch the surface" by placing an ad, making a few calls from their database or sending out emails to see who responds. The results of these kind of searches usually produce candidates that are looking for employment elsewhere or have been out of a job and are desperate. The ideal candidate is more than likely working at another company and is not pursuing employment elsewhere. To find that hidden "gem" you have to delve in the very deep.

Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc.  specializes in deep diving and produces excellent qualified  "sleeper" candidates that would have never been found through normal channels.

Recruit Assessment Interviewing the Candidate to Assess Their Compatibility

Candidate Sourcing  - Scratching the Surface  - or-  Delving Deep

Not all Executive Search firms thoroughly vet their candidates prior to presenting them to their clients. Many companies are surprised that a search firm will present a client that may meet the qualifications, yet they do not have the skills to actually perform the job. Some search firms may  mainly  be interested if a candidate interviews well and will not dig deeper to see if the candidate is actually the perfect fit for the company. 

Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc.  has a very rigorous  set of criteria that a candidate  must satisfy before the company even gets to see a candidate. If the candidate passes our scrutiny and high standards, then and only then will the candidate be presented to the company.

Geographically Close Does the Executive Team Need to Be Local to the Job?

The Simple Answer to this is NO.  It is a common misconception the Executive Search firm you hire, to find you the ideal candidate, has to be geographically close to the job placement location, or the firm needs to be a National Firm. Many years ago, this may have been true. With the technological advances in the past few years , today's environment networks across geographical boundaries with the internet and communications.

Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc.  has developed over the years, an extensive network of information and personal contacts that stretches across the globe. No geographical location is off-limits.

Industry Experience  Does Recruiter Need to Be an Industry Expert?

Don't get caught in the misconception that you need to hire a recruiter that is an expert in the industry you are recruiting for. Companies that have used this as a criteria in choosing their executive search firm, have been let down on the quality of the candidate presented.  The search firm may have the resume of having been in the industry ; however they may not necessarily possess the skills of a seasoned recruiter.  A good recruiter is one that can go deep to find the hidden talent, grab the interest of the sleeper candidate and motivate the candidate into considering a move. 

Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc.  has this experience and successfully completes the search in a timely fashion producing the desired results.

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