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First and Foremost

"Understanding Our Clients Needs"

Alpha Solutions recognizes the First Priority in finding a qualified prospective candidate, is to fully understand our client's needs.

Employment Criteria

To find the candidate ideal for our clients position, we ascertain the data required to determine:

  • Attributes
  • Talents
  • Skill Sets

With this knowledge, we locate the candidates whose ability, experience and career patterns match your need.



Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing is where Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc. Excels.Many search companies simply scratch the surface. Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc. finds that deeply hidden talent that is working for your company's competition. The candidate is not normally looking for a job elsewhere.  With Alpha Solution's extensive database and personal network of business contacts that has taken many years to acquire, we can find that hidden gem for you. Alpha Solutions Intl., Inc. is proactive in searching and finding the ideal candidate.

  • Our candidates are sourced from our database and sources which we update daily. 
  • We do not advertise, we proactively search , therefore we bring you the hidden talent.
  • We realize that the ideal candidate is probably working for your competitor and not looking for a job.
  • We make it our mission to find that gem for you.

Retained Search

This is an alternate method used for conducting recruitment of senior management or for confidential replacement situations.  Bob Richards personally conducts the retained national searches.

Exclusive Contingency Search

This is the preferred method of conducting contingency recruitment at Alpha Solutions. We have found that with a 60-day exclusive, we are able to give your search the undivided attention it deserves without the interference, confusion and the lack of discretion resulting from the use of multiple search firms. Discretion is of utmost importance when the need to keep your business to yourself is crucial to salary negotiations, timing, investor and public relations.

Benefits To You

  • We recruit quality candidates that have not already been identified.
  • Our applicants consistently raise the bar.
  • Prompt completion of search assignments.
  • You can concentrate on revenue generating projects.
  • Joint negotiations increase closing ratios.

Hiring an Executive Search Team

When it comes to hiring the right Executive Search Team .......

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